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Bright and shiny...

If you have ever visited our website before (say prior to Dec. 31st), you will quickly notice our website now looks all "bright and shiny". Your eyes do not deceive you.

Over the Holidays, we undertook the "fun" task of giving the whole website a complete makeover - new focus, pics, messaging, layout and structure. Again, I can't emphasize enough how "fun" this was (said through gritted teeth). But the pain was worth the gain - and we hope you find it a substantial improvement over the previous incarnation.

At the same time, we also dropped our previous "brand" of "Welcome Home, Hickory Metro" in favor of HKY4Vets (which stands for Hickory Metro for Veterans). WHHM served its purpose, but it doesn't convey the overall intent of our efforts moving forward.

Additionally, transitioning to HKY4Vets now lines up better with all of our social media outlets (already under that name), as well as the state of NC's moniker, NC4Vets. I guess I'd consider us a local chapter of their broader efforts.

We hope you like and please do not hesitate to let us know of helpful features for the website or of any functionality issues you may come across.

Nathan Huret





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