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Meet a HKY4Vets Leader: Tim Adams

In an effort to highlight the brilliant and strategic minds behind the HKY4Vets Military Taskforce, I thought it might be interesting to showcase some of the leaders that volunteer their time to guide this effort forward.

Today, meet Mr. Tim Adams, who served in the US Army from 1992 to 1996. Tim is now an Assistant Principal at Oxford Elementary School for the Catawba County School System. The following are some excerpts from a recent interview with Tim.

What motivated you to join the military? College and adventure

Why did you pick the Army over other service branches? They recruited me for track and field!

Where did you serve the majority of your time in service? US Military Academy - West Point

What are some of the things you have done since returning to civilian life?

Owned a business, gotten married, become a teacher, finished two master's degree and had two children.

How does your military experience affect your life today? It guides and directs my decisions and my thought processes. Duty, honor, country...those three words reverently dictate what you CAN be, what you OUGHT to be, and what you WILL be! (General Douglas MacArthur)

Where are you from originally? Huntington, Indiana

Why did you choose to move to the Catawba County area after military service?

I chose to move here after visiting for a job interview. My wife and I loved the area, especially the country feel with access to city life. It also doesn't hurt being 4 hours from the ocean and an hour from the mountains.

Any advice for another service member or military family considering moving to the Hickory Metro?

Get connected to the community and to families willing to reach out and help. This is a caring and loving community with many resources for veterans and their families.

What are some of your hopes for HKY4Vets?

I hope that we continue to grow as an organization that is reaching out to veterans transitioning. That we provide the the net of resources that they need to be successful in transition and in our community. I hope that we can reduce the 22 in our community, and that we can become a beacon to other towns, cities and states to take on projects that help to reduce the veteran homeless population and to reduce the 22.


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